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EARTH FROM THE AIR is a spectacular presentation of large-scale photographs of astonishing natural landscapes. Created by world-famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, every stunning aerial photograph tells a story about our changing planet. Seen together, they are an outstanding visual testimony to the world we live in today. A world with a growing population, shrinking biodiversity, polluted lands and oceans, a changing climate and a shortage of drinking water. A world, nevertheless, of beauty and of wonder.
Link to the NASA Visible Earth site
Visible Earth - a searchable directory of images, visualisations and animations of the Earth.

black and white pictures of london, oxford, cambridge, lake district - atmospheric sepia and black and white photographs of england uk - affordable art photos for sale - searchable galleries of 390+ pictures

Link to Darkness & Light

Link to Nene Digital

Nene Digital

digital sports

Link to Michelle Chaplow's web site

Link to Michelle Chaplow's site

Michelle Chaplow is a photographer based in Andalucia, Spain

Colin Harvey
Colin is a photographer working for the British Museum. He recently exhibited a selection of photographs taken along the Thames.
Link to photographic resource site
UK photographers' resource site.
Lake District Desktops
superb views of the Lake District, which can be downloaded and used as desktop wallpaper free of charge
Click to open the Lake District Desktops site
Owen Boyd Photography
high-quality specialist hand-printing services, and very extensive links resource page
Link to Brian Phipps website
Brian Phipps
wildlife photographer
Link to the icphotos website
(the work of Ian Olssen)
Link to Paul Gallagher's website
Paul Gallagher
fine art black & white photography
Link to James Chudley's website
James Chudley
landscape & travel photography
Click for Emerson Photography
Jamie Emerson
weddings, portraits, sport and environmental photography