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ecofocus - environmental photography
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ecofocus - environmental photography
So what is 'environmental photography'?
If 'the environment' is our surroundings, the area in which we live, then environmental photography is the recording of those surroundings. And that pretty much covers everything on the planet, from the remotest island to the busiest city.
ecofocus - Mediterranean coastline
We can't quite photograph everything, so Ecofocus concentrates on some key habitats in the UK and Europe, and also on some environmental pressures such as energy, agriculture and (soon) transport, waste, pollution and development. ecofocus - Canary Wharf, London
We try and present images with impact, but there's also room for scenic beauty as well. The images are in sections under three broad categories ("Themes", "Subjects" and "Locations") and any individual image may be found in more than one section. ecofocus - ducklings, Oxford
If you come across an image that you want to use for commercial or educational use, please contact us by e-mail.
Many of our images have been widely used in the environmental management industry to illustrate magazines, publications, brochures, websites and presentations, and we've won awards and competitions.
If you're an environmental charity, or you are running an environmental campaign, we may allow free use of our images, provided you acknowledge us.
If you can't find a suitable image, get in touch and we may have something in the archive, or we can undertake assignment work (including aerial) to get the image you want.
Please note that copyright exists on all images on this website and server - please don't use them without first contacting us.

ecofocus - aerial - Cottam Power Station

ecofocus - Dunwich Beach, Suffolk

Most pages include one or two thumbnails that can be enlarged. Click on the links 'Enlarge 700' or 'Enlarge 450' to display a medium-sized image either 700 pixels wide (landscape) or 450 pixels wide (portrait). Some thumbnails also have full-size enlargements which can be displayed by clicking 'Enlarge 1600' or 'Enlarge 1200'. Please note that these larger images may take some time to load.
We are adding new images all the time, and may remove old images if server space gets tight.

ecofocus - Castlerigg, nr Keswick, Cumbria

ecofocus - frogs and spawn